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    After multiple failed attempts at world domination, Lorna created a fantasy world where she reigns supreme!
    With over 40 years in the field of martial arts, she is a 5th-degree black belt practitioner and senior instructor of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu; a Japanese system incorporating 6 traditional samurai schools and 3 schools of ninjutsu.

    As a freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction, she is best known for the 10-novel epic adult fantasy series Imago Chronicles. She also co-wrote with her daughter, Nia Suzuki-White, the 5-novel YA fantasy series The Dream Merchant Saga.

    In writing the Imago Chronicles

series, she created a female protagonist; one that is reluctantly accepted into the brotherhood of warriors.  Drawing upon her personal experiences as a woman in the once male-dominated field of law enforcement and martial arts, she brings her female warrior, Nayla Treeborn, to life.

    When Lorna is not plotting the demise of her characters or destroying entire civilizations with the flick of a few keystrokes, she is currently working with an executive producer to develop and produce Imago Chronicles for the small screen.


Imago Chronicles Book 1 eCover_WEB.jpeg

Imago Chronicles

Book One:

A Warrior's Tale

Imago Chronicles Book 2 eCover_WEB.jpeg

Imago Chronicles

Book Two:

Tales from the West

Imago Chronicles Book 3 eCover_WEB.jpeg

Imago Chronicles

Book Three:

Tales from the East

Imago Chronicles Book 4 eCover.jpeg

Imago Chronicles

Book Four:

The Tears of God

Imago Chronicles Book 5 eCover_WEB.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Book Five:

Destiny's End

Imago Chronicles Book 6 eCover_WEB.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Book Six:

The Spell Binder

Imago Chronicles Book 7 Cover.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Book Seven:

The Broken Covenant

Imago Chronicles Book 8 eCover_AMAZON.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Book Eight:


Imago Chronicles Prophecy eCover.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Prophecy (Prequel)

Imago Chronicles Legacy eCover.jpg

Imago Chronicles

Legacy (Prequel)




The Dream Merchant Saga

Book One:

The Magic Crystal


The Dream Merchant Saga

Book Two:

The Silver Sword

Crack'd.Shield Book3_eCover_WEB.jpg

The Dream Merchant Saga

Book Three:

The Crack'd Shield

DM Book4 eCOVER_RGB.jpg

The Dream Merchant Saga

Book Four:


DM Book5 eCOVER_RGB.jpg

The Dream Merchant Saga

Book Five:

World's End



    “High Fantasy at its finest! Just like every other obsessed, fanatic reader of High Fantasy, I am always on the lookout for that one special book that presages the advent of a new classic series in the genre. In my opinion, L. T. Suzuki has written that in Imago Chronicles.

    Suzuki has written a book that stands beside the works of my beloved heroes of modern fantasy: Jean Auel, Mercedes Lackey, and David Eddings. Imago now ranks as one of my all time favourite epic fantasy series. With each book in the series, I am drawn deeper into this amazing and very real world of Imago.”

    “A Warrior’s Tale is the first book in B.C. author Lorna Suzuki’s Imago series. It is an epic fantasy adventure that artfully takes classic character archetypes such as elves, warriors, and wizards, and sends them off in compelling new directions. It is at once familiar and unlike anything you’ve ever read - combining elements of The Lord of the Rings, Lone Wolf and Cub, and a dusting of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

    Suzuki’s use of dialogue also propels the story forward at a steady pace. The conversations are perfectly timed to elicit the odd chuckle and one memorable emotional sucker punch that is every bit as effective as any blow delivered in combat.”

    "Action-packed and engrossing. Imago is a fantasy full of touches of realism. It speaks with action, love, and wisdom. It draws you deeper into the story and into the fantasy as you continue to read.

     Extremely well written I believe this is due in large part to Suzuki's martial arts experience. She brings realism to the fight scenes that is often lacking in fantasy books."






    "High Fantasy is not on the top of my list, with the exception of a few of my favorites; The Princess Bride, Dragonfly, Graceling, and others of the like, yet it never moved me enough to soar past my love of the paranormal... until now.

    From the first page, nay, from the first paragraph, The Magic Crystal sucked me in and I was battling with myself to keep reading or work on my NaNo book! Let's just say... Dream Merchant Saga: one - NaNo book: zero. I couldn't' stop reading".


     Rousing fun adventure! The Dream Merchant Saga Book One: The Magic Crystal is an absolutely delightful journey into a fantasy land peppered with magical beings, great and small. Nia and Lorna Suzuki bring the characters of Book One: The Magic Crystal to vivid life with their wonderful sense of character and use of voice. I found myself caught up in this tale from the first pages and eagerly looking forward to my chance to read it each night.

     I offer my highest recommend-ation to The Dream Merchant Saga. Everyone, from youngsters to adults will enjoy this story that brings a wonderful fairy tale to vivid life within its pages. It should be on your list of titles you must read. It will probably be the most fun you'll ever have reading a book.


    Incredible start to a new series!

The Magic Crystal is a comedic high fantasy; complete with drunken "manty-hose" wearing elves, trolls who are terrified of the dark, an evil sorcerer who loves mimes and tons of other outrageous creatures.

    This incredible book was absolutely hilarious - I cannot tell you how many times I found myself literally laughing out loud. I had the worst time maintaining a straight face while I was trying sneak in some pages during classes.

    The characters are all incredibly priceless - they all have individual quirks that you are going to love. 




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