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Imago Chronicles Book 1 eCover_WEB.jpeg

BOOK ONE: A Warrior's Tale

    A Warrior’s Tale begins at the height of the turmoil to determine if indeed there will be a Third Age of Peace. Besieged by the enemy from the east and now immersed in war with soldiers of the Dark Army from the west, Nayla Treeborn and her people are about to engage in the next great war that will decide the fate of all mankind and Elves in Imago. 
    In a desperate bid to deliver word to the Elf king of Wyndwood and those of the alliance for a call to arms, she is the last surviving emissary sent forth by her people. Now, trapped in a storm at the top of the world, she fights to survive the deadly elements in a strange land.
    Despised by Elves and shunned by mortals, she must find the courage and the compassion to save those keeping her at arm’s length. This adventure recounts the defining moments in her life that had forged her into a deadly warrior, a great captain, and a legend amongst the people of Imago.
    This is Nayla Treeborn’s story; this is her warrior’s tale.

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Imago Chronicles Book 2 eCover_WEB.jpeg

BOOK TWO: Tales from the West

    As the Second Age of Peace draws to an end, the Three Sisters – watchers of the past, present, and future foresee the signs heralding the beginning of great calamities that will spell disaster for mankind and all that is good. 
    The last hope for peace lies with the Order, an alliance of warriors from the surrounding countries, an Elf, and a hapless Wizard. Led by a Prince whose fate is sealed by his past and a boy haunted by a past he cannot escape, they must deliver the Stone of Salvation to unlock the only weapon that can destroy the impending evil.
Pursued by enemy soldiers and four dark emissaries; the harbingers of evil set forth to destroy them, they embark on an incredible adventure.

    Trapped and outnumbered, an unlikely ally comes to their aid. Nayla Treeborn, the last surviving warrior from a war-ravaged land far to the east, reluctantly joins forces with the Order, where together, they wage war against a common adversary.
    A journey fraught with many dangers, they must fight their own fears and doubts to keep hope alive. The race is on. Time is running out...

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Imago Chronicles Book 3 eCover_WEB.jpeg

BOOK THREE: Tales from the East

    With the defeat of the Dark Lord, unseen forces work to destroy the surviving members of the Order. In pursuit of a rogue Wizard, they embark on a perilous journey into the east where they are confronted by a land and its people trapped in religious and political upheaval – and an alliance that will ultimately lead to the genocide of the Elven race. 
    Caught in this rising tide of evil, Prince Markus is forced to confront a ghost from his past while the Wizard of the West must somehow find a way to face his most powerful nemesis. And under the ever-growing shadow of war, in the midst of betrayal and salvation, treachery and triumph, Arerys and Nayla share a kindred spirit.     Their love will either serve to unite their people... or bring further dissension to a race already divided. 

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Imago Chronicles Book 4 eCover.jpeg

BOOK FOUR: The Tears of God

    In this sequel to Book Three, Tales from the East, eight years have passed since the monumental war that determined the fate of the Elves and mortals of Orien. During this time, Nayla Treeborn has long since retired her weapons of war, embracing her new life as consort to Prince Arerys.
    Her tranquil existence is shattered when an unseen evil infiltrates the enchanted forest of Wyndwood, stealing away with their only child. Forced to wield her sword once more, Nayla and Arerys must race against time to find their daughter.
    Calling upon old friends and allies of the Order to search the lands for their precious child, they will risk all to rescue their daughter.
Deceived by false trails and hampered by misleading clues, they are confronted by a powerful, dark magic never before encountered.
    Driven to the breaking point by despair and guilt, to spare the life of an innocent child, the sacrifice Nayla must make will not only jeopardize her own life, but the lives of all in Imago.

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Imago Chronicles Book 5 eCover_WEB.jpg

BOOK FIVE: Destiny's End

    In this sequel to Book Four, The Tears of God, five months have passed since the evil that set foot into Wyndwood was put to rest. Life in the enchanted forest returns to normal, but all is not what it seems.
    Strange happenings create ripples in the continuum of time throughout this realm; distortions that go unbeknownst to all except the Oracles on Mount Isa. An unseen evil casts its dark shadow over the lands, but this time, the threat could go unnoticed and unchecked.
    The Wizard of the West is joined by Nayla and the men of the Order for this quest unlike any they had ever undertaken.
    In a race against time on a mission cloaked in mystery, they are forced to put a stop to evil before its far-reaching effects can destroy everything and everyone they cherish. Not only are their wits and skills put to the test, but they uncover a secret that will shake the very foundations of their existence. Nayla and her comrades must step beyond the realms of imagination to come to terms with what is reality, what is fantasy, and ultimately, what happens when these two worlds collide.

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Imago Chronicles Book 6 eCover_WEB.jpg

BOOK SIX: The Spell Binder

    In this sequel to Imago Chronicles: Book Five: Destiny's End, Markus' coronation as the new King of Carcross unites the surviving members of the Order for a grand celebration. When a prisoner escapes from the dungeons of Darross Castle during the ascent of the Hunter's Moon, it brings the festivities to an abrupt end. Not only is a madman on the loose, but a young prince is taken hostage and the evil Book of Spells has mysteriously vanished.
    In a race against time to unravel this secret and save the prince's life, a new acquaintance threatens to destroy old friendships and a former Wizard is seduced by evil once more. Meanwhile, a long forgotten entity promises to wreak untold havoc, threatening the mission and endangering the lives of all wishing to enter Spirit Wood, the haunted forest of the Shadow Mountains.

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Imago Chronicles Book 7 Cover.jpg

BOOK SEVEN: The Broken Covenant

    In this sequel to Book Six: The Spell Binder, with the approach of the tenth anniversary of Beyilzon's defeat on Mount Hope, celestial signs foretell of the rise of a new evil as a strange, murderous beast with an insatiable appetite for blood is unleashed on a killing spree to the north.
    Amidst the ensuing chaos, swept up in the social upheaval of a country struggling for some semblance of order under a new regime, Nayla is taken hostage by those once controlled by the Dark Lord Beyilzon.
    With no hope of rescue, Nayla is forced to find a way to survive on her own while the men of the Order race to bring down this rampaging monster. In a strange twist of fate, could these two events be leading them on the same path of destruction?

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Imago Chronicles Book 8 eCover_AMAZON.jpg

BOOK EIGHT: Revelations

    Time does not heal all wounds and sometimes, revenge is the only answer… It is the end of an era. With the natural balance of a realm in turmoil since the tragic disappearance of Lindras, the Wizard of the West, chaos reigns supreme when a mysterious killer emerges from the most unlikely of places. 
    Drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Nayla Treeborn and the surviving members of the Order are on the hunt to capture this fiend with a secret agenda. To make matters worse, at the height of this misadventure, while following on the trail of this mass murderer, those closest to Nayla have mysteriously vanished. 
    Now, she and her comrades are pitted against a formidable enemy unlike any they had ever encountered and this time, their nemesis comes bearing strange and powerful weapons not even the remaining Wizards know how to combat. 
    Nothing is as it seems and in the end, lives will be forever altered in this final tale that brings the Imago Chronicles to its stunning conclusion.

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Imago Chronicles Prophecy eCover.jpg

Imago Prophecy

    Imago Prophecy is the first of two novels forming the prequel to Imago Chronicles: Book One, A Warrior's Tale.
    With an enduring friendship bound by an oath of blood, Kal-lel Wingfield and Dahlon Treeborn's youthful adventures prepare them for their greatest challenge when they must face Beyilzon, a divine entity now bent on the annihilation of the human race and all those standing by their side.
    Pressed by time and circumstances, the newly crowned Elf King must unite the free peoples of Imago and rally the aid of the four great Wizards in what is sure to be the last desperate stand against evil.
    The promise of the tools to defeat the Dark Lord begins the race to secure the Stone of Salvation from the bowels of the earth and to forge the sword to be imbued with the power to slay evil. But more difficult than these two tasks, Kal-lel must convince a mortal king and his young squire they are the chosen ones to wield these weapons against Beyilzon.
    With the spectre of war looming large, the greatest battle of their time will determine the fate of all. But in the end, it will be the undercurrent of betrayal and deceit of a forbidden love that will tear apart the greatest nation of this realm.

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Imago Chronicles Legacy eCover.jpg

Imago Legacy

    In this sequel to Imago Prophecy, more than a century had passed since the Elves departed from the enchanted forest of Wyndwood to follow their exiled leader Dahlon Treeborn.
Establishing a new settlement in the heart of the Emerald Forest of Carcross, they live a peaceful existence, but with human encroachment and the constant presence of Elves sent forth by Kal-lel Wingfield to keep watch over them, they are forced to abandon their new home.
    With mounting pressure to cut all ties with the Elves of Wyndwood, Dahlon is intent on establishing a new homeland for his people. In an unprecedented move, he embarks on an extraordinary journey that will lead them east beyond the Iron Mountains into the uncharted lands of Orien; a mysterious country inhabited by an enigmatic race of human beings.
    Instead of finding a peaceful sanctuary, they become embroiled in a land and its people immersed in political and religious upheaval and entrenched in a war against a sadistic and powerful enemy the Elves had never before encountered.

A Warrior's Tale
Tales fom the West
Tales fom the East
The Tears of God
Destiny's End
The Spell Binder
The Broken Covenant
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