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BOOK ONE: The Magic Crystal

    Be careful what you wish for takes on a whole new meaning...
    When a good wish goes bad a beautiful princess despised by all, a lowly court jester meant to be a great knight, and a village idiot with a mysterious past are thrust together by fate. Forced to embark on a perilous and unorthodox quest, they set off to break a dreaded curse.
    Along the way, a series of trials await them in strange lands far from home. From a powerful Wizard and an evil, shape-shifting Sprite, to the flamboyant Elves, and an army of mimes, they encounter an array of unforgettable friends and foes as they set off to recover a silver locket to destroy the curse.
    In a race against time, pursued by a Sorcerer on the hunt for the same locket, an epic journey becomes a trying, humorous adventure of self-discovery and a test of true loyalty and friendship for this unlikely trio as they fight to survive this quest and ultimately, each other!

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BOOK TWO: The Silver Sword

    What happens when your greatest dream is also your worst nightmare? 
    In this sequel to The Magic Crystal, having survived their first big misadventure thanks more to luck than skill, fate conspires once again to force Princess Rose, Tag, and Cankles to embark on another perilous quest when the nefarious shape-shifting Sprite steals away with the dreamstone that is imbued with the power to make wishes come true.
    Fearing that Loken will deliver the magic crystal to the evil Sorcerer, Tag and Cankles undertake this mission with the reluctant Princess in tow. Armed with nothing more than sheer determination and an old, cherished sword, the three unlikely friends must move in secret.
    Tag must find the courage to meet his destiny head-on as they race against time toward the treacherous dragon lands to hunt down Loken. They must stop him before he hands the magic crystal to the malevolent Sorcerer so he can use it to unleash its true powers on this realm, a terrible magic that will allow Dragonite's dreams to come true, while immersing the world in a disturbing nightmare.

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BOOK THREE: The Crack'd Shield

    What will you sacrifice to unlock your greatest dream?
    In this sequel to The Silver Sword, Princess Rose, Tag, and Cankles have endured a terrifying trek through the dragon lands in the perilous Fire Rim Mountains. Having run the gauntlet to survive a series of deadly obstacles only to become trapped in the Sorcerer's lair, the trio is faced with their most trying quest to date.
    The unlikely friends are separated when Cankles is taken prisoner, spirited away by dark magic. His only salvation, if he can endure his captivity, is to remember his past; long-forgotten memories holding the key to his very survival and the lives of his friends. But nothing is as it seems...
    Battling against time and a manipulative shape-shifting Sprite that wants Cankles to remember his past for his own personal gains, it is the final push to reclaim the Dreamstone before their nemesis, the malevolent Sorcerer, discovers the secret to unleashing its powers.

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    The realm is lulled into an uneasy peace after the last deadly confrontation with the Sorcerer, but all is not what it seems. Lurking beneath this tranquil setting, an insidious, dark magic is permeating the lives of all those who had come to the aid of Princess Rose and her friends during their last quest to reclaim the Dreamstone.
    Now, abandoned by the Dream Merchant and deprived of his powers, death stalks the Elves of the Woodland Glade and the Trolls in the Land of Small.
    A monumental and perilous mission ensues to uncover the mystery of this evil and to put a stop to the destruction. However, a powerful and mysterious entity will stop at nothing to destroy them all before the end.

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BOOK FIVE:  World's End

    During the last quest, Princess Rose reclaimed the powerful Dreamstone, but a new enemy lurks on the horizon, vowing to destroy her and her loyal companions.
    With Loken the shape-shifting Sprite taken hostage, the entire realm is threatened with total annihilation. A perilous mission to save him and to capture a deadly necromancer plunges Rose and her comrades into dangers they could never imagine.
    However, an unforeseen obstacle looms before them: an unwanted interloper with designs on the magic crystal is out to win the heart of Princess Rose. If he is successful, it will serve to undermine the fellowship to the doom of all.

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The Magic Crystal
The Silver Sword
The Crack'd Shield
World's End
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